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Film Highlander

Highlander ein Film von Chad Stahelski. Inhaltsangabe: Remake des Kultfilms "​Highlander" mit Christopher Lambert und Sean Connery. Highlander – Es kann nur einen geben ist ein Spielfilm von Russell Mulcahy aus dem Jahr Film. Deutscher Titel, Highlander – Es kann nur einen geben. Originaltitel Parallel kam Highlander III – Die Legende in die Kinos, wieder mit Highlander – Die Macht der Vergeltung, die Internet-Flash-Miniserie The. Der Highlander Connor MacLeod ist unsterblich. Als er Highlander - Es kann nur einen geben Über den Film muss man nicht viele Worte verlieren.

Highlander - Kaufen Sie Highlander - Es kann nur einen geben günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen und Aktionen. Entdecken Sie hier reduzierte Filme und Serien auf DVD oder Blu-ray. Highlander III - Die Legende von Christopher Lambert DVD 6,99 €. Auf Lager. Versandt und Highlander: Endgame. Christopher. Komplette Handlung und Informationen zu Highlander - Es kann nur einen geben. Handlung von Highlander – Es kann nur einen geben. Der Clan des Schotten. Highlander - Es kann nur einen geben. „Who wants to live forever?” besang Queen den Fantasyfilm aus dem Jahre In den Hauptrollen ist Christopher.

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Queen - Who Wants To Live Forever - Highlander

Listing or criticising plot holes is always much less interesting than discussing a film's themes, intentions or ideas.

But the fantasy genre relies on creating believable, enveloping worlds for an audience, which depending on the filmmakers' intentions either hold up on their own or draw intriguing parallels with our own world.

Some discrepancies can be overlooked if the basic mechanics are intact, but Highlander's mythology isn't entirely sound. Straddling the plot over two different time periods creates a number of questions - for instance, how can the Kurgan's sword be a product of modern technology if he's had it for years?

The reason for not fighting on holy ground is never explained, nor is the loss of the head as the means for killing an immortal; the latter makes a little sense once the Prize has been revealed, but until then it feels incredibly arbitrary.

And then there is the business of carrying swords, with Lambert putting out full-length blade from his coat pocket on several occasions, including while he is sitting down.

The film never explains how this is possible or offers a solution to accommodate this see Revolutionary Girl Utena for such a solution.

At the hour mark, however, the film starts to pick up a little with the death of Connor's love Heather. We see her slowly age in montage while Connor never grows old, and when she dies the Highlander is left alone, incapable of suicide or any form of release from this pain and sorrow.

The film doesn't exactly grow in substance at this point - it doesn't have the same level of insight about immortality present in the best sci-fi or vampire fiction.

But it does give us more of an emotional hook, and that ultimately is what keeps us watching. As a result of this series of scenes, Highlander gains a whole new energy and begins to click a lot more in its comedic elements.

Where its first half induced awkward laughter from its many shortcomings, the second half contains several genuinely funny moments - the best of these being the 18th century duel in which Connor keeps getting up from being killed.

Much like Logan's Run, the film perplexingly begins to fire and gain significance at the very moments where we cannot take it seriously.

What we end up with is a strange, oddball little film which is driven first and foremost by a desire to have fun. This is reflected in the Queen soundtrack, most of which appears on the album A Kind Of Magic.

It's not up with their earlier soundtrack for Flash Gordon, but both scores are driven by a need to celebrate the ridiculous and allay all worries about the aspects that don't make sense.

The more we think about Highlander's mechanics, the less we enjoy it, because it is designed to be engaging tosh and nothing more.

Highlander is a very silly and stupid film that is ultimately too entertaining to hate and too flawed to entirely embrace. It could be dismissed as a catalogue of missed opportunities, with a list of shortcomings that would derail another production in an instant.

But as ridiculous and idiotic as it may seem, it still contains much that's enjoyable and entertaining, at least in passing. Make no mistake, it's utter tosh - but it's perfectly agreeable tosh.

Daniel M Super Reviewer. Feb 10, Honestly, you could probably be doing two or three other things while watching it and still end up with a good idea of what all happened.

As mindless entertainment, it's passable, but as anything else, it's pretty mediocre. The action can be rousing at times and Christopher Lambert's performance is a surprisingly solid effort, but the Queen soundtrack is dated, the camerawork and editing are questionable, the whole romantic subplot and subsequent sex scene are awkward and the film just has an overall cheesiness that is hard to ignore.

Stephen E Super Reviewer. Mar 24, The acting is poor and at times just plain weird or out of place and the dialogue is only a means to further the next action sequence.

All these things only add to the campy feel of the film however, and it's so outlandish and bizarre sometimes it comes off unintentionally funny as well.

If you go into "Highlander" knowing these drawbacks and what it is you're going into before watching it, I think most will enjoy it for what it is.

Chris B Super Reviewer. See all Audience reviews. Kurgan: I have something to say. It's better to burn out, than to fade away.

Ramirez: you have the manners of a goat, and you smell like a dung heap Ramirez: You have the manners of a goat. And you smell like a dung-heap!

Connor MacLeod: I don't like boats and i don't like water. I'm a man, not a fish! Connor MacLeod: I don't like boats and I don't like water.

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The Long Song. Miss Scarlet and the Duke. The Watch. No Score Yet. The Circus: Inside the Greatest Political Show on Earth. Bridge and Tunnel.

The Lady and the Dale. The Equalizer. Devil May Care. Fate: The Winx Saga. Of necessity, must be seen in the Director's Cut version.

Various web sites also have the further "missing scenes," including the Kurgan's battle with Immortal Yung Dol Kim, and Kastagir and MacLeod actually having that party they mention.

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Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. An immortal Scottish swordsman must confront the last of his immortal opponent, a murderously brutal barbarian who lusts for the fabled "Prize".

Director: Russell Mulcahy. The director's cut reveals Rachel is MacLeod's adopted daughter, a child he rescued from Nazis during World War II.

Brenda Wyatt, a metallurgy expert working for the police as a forensic scientist, finds shards of Connor's sword at Fasil's murder scene and is puzzled they come from a Japanese sword dated around B.

Brenda witnesses the Kurgan attack "Nash" and the two fight briefly before police arrive, forcing them to flee. She meets with "Nash" twice afterward, hoping to learn about the paradoxical sword.

Connor likes her, but tells her to leave him alone. Connor reunites with fellow Immortal Sunda Kastagir, a friend who doesn't wish to fight.

After they part ways, the Kurgan duels Kastagir, beheading him. Brenda investigates "Nash" and finds evidence he has lived for centuries, including faking his death every so often and having lived at the same address for over two hundred years.

On Heather's birthday, Connor lights a candle for her in a Roman Catholic Church , as he has done every year. The Kurgan, in disguise, arrives and confirms that he and Connor are now the last remaining Immortals.

Disgusted, but prohibited from fighting on holy ground, Connor leaves. Brenda confronts Connor, who explains his true identity.

After spending the night together, they part company due to Connor's immortality making him sterile and him not wanting to lose somebody else , but the Kurgan finds Brenda and kidnaps her to draw out Connor.

Connor decides it is time to leave behind the "Russell Nash" identity, regardless of his survival. He says goodbye to Rachel and confronts the Kurgan at Silvercup Studios in Queens , rescuing Brenda in the process.

After a long duel, Connor outfights and decapitates the Kurgan, absorbing his massive power and winning the Prize.

Connor returns to Scotland with Brenda and reveals that he is now a mortal man who can age and have children. He is also now "at one with all living things," able to read the thoughts and feelings of people all around the world.

Professional wrestlers Greg Gagne , Jim Brunzell , Sam Fatu , Michael Hayes , Terry Gordy , and Buddy Roberts appear as themselves in the film's opening sequence at a tag-team match.

The event in the film is supposedly held at Madison Square Garden , but was actually shot at Brendan Byrne Arena in New Jersey. Gregory Widen wrote the script for Highlander , as a class assignment while he was an undergraduate in the screenwriting program at UCLA.

After reading the script, Widen's instructor advised him to send it to an agent. It became the first draft of what would eventually be the screenplay for the film Highlander.

According to William Panzer , producer of Highlander: The Series , "And that's where everything fell into place — the idea that there are Immortals and they were in conflict with each other, leading secret lives that the rest of us are unaware of.

I think its appeal is the uniqueness of how the story was told and the fact it had a heart and a point of view about immortality.

Widen's original draft of the script differed significantly from the film. The initial story was darker and more violent.

Connor is born in rather than He lives with his mother and father. Heather does not exist; Connor is promised to a girl named Mara, who rejects him when she learns that he is immortal.

Connor willingly leaves his village, instead of being banished. His alias is Richard Tupin and his weapon is a custom broadsword.

The Kurgan is known as the Knight, using the alias Carl William Smith. He is not a savage, but a cold-blooded killer.

Brenda is Brenna Cartwright. Other elements were changed during the rewrite. Initially, immortals could have children; in the draft Connor is said to have had In a flashback in the first draft, Connor attends the funeral of one of his sons.

His wife in her 70s and his two sons, who are in their mid 50s, see him revealed as an immortal. In the early draft, there is no release of energy when an immortal kills another nor is there any mention of the Prize.

Immortals can still sense each other and when Connor finally kills the Knight, he feels a sharp burning pain. As he sense another immortal nearby, the ending implies this is simply one of many battles the Game continues.

Director Russell Mulcahy was flipping through a magazine and saw a photograph of Christopher Lambert from his recent role as the title hero of Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes.

He couldn't speak English. But he had the perfect look. And he learned English very fast. Gregory Widen had originally envisioned Connor as a very serious, grim character following centuries of violence and loss.

The film however portrayed MacLeod as a person who has suffers loss and fears new attachment but doesn't deny the possibility of love, maintains a sense of humor about life, and tells his adopted daughter to have hope and remain optimistic.

In a interview with HeyUGuys, Lambert said part of what he found appealing about Connor MacLeod was the man still having humor and hope despite his long life and many losses.

That is what amazed me about him the most How do you cope with that pain? How do you have the strength to keep on walking, to keep being positive and optimistic?

To be capable of falling in love again when you know the pain it creates when you lose them. Widen also had a different vision of the Kurgan originally.

He was much more tortured. The Kurgan in Highlander as it is pretty much like Freddy [Krueger] — he's just a cackling psychopath. I envisaged him as a guy who loses everything over time.

The only thing he could hold onto, to give him a reason to get up in the morning, was to finish this thing — finish it with our guy [MacLeod].

It was more about that… it was just a reason to get up in the morning. Otherwise, what is the point? Everything is impermanent, everything is lost.

That made him much more serious — in a weird way, a sympathetic bad guy. The budget was put up by Thorn EMI.

Director Russell Mulcahy filmed Highlander using music video techniques including fast cutting and pacy music. In preparation, actor Christopher Lambert spent months working with a dialect coach four hours in the morning and sword-training with Bob Anderson four hours in the afternoon who had been a Darth Vader stunt double in the Star Wars franchise.

On filming a scene underwater in a Scottish loch , Lambert said, "The first time it's a surprise. I thought the water would be cold, but not that cold.

The second time you know it is going to be freezing. The third time you turn away and you say, 'That's the last take you're doing.

Frank Moran Sheila Gish Rachel Ellenstein Jon Polito Walter Bedsoe Hugh Quarshie Sunda Kastagir Christopher Malcolm Kirk Matunas Peter Diamond Fasil Billy Hartman Dugal MacLeod James Cosmo Angus MacLeod Celia Imrie Kate Alistair Findlay Chief Murdoch Edward Wiley Garfield James McKenna Father Rainey John Cassady Kenny Ian Reddington Bassett Sion Tudor Owen Hotchkiss Damien Leake Tony Gordon Sterne Dr Willis Kenderly Ron Berglas Archivist Louis Guss Newsvendor Peter Banks Priest Ted Maynard

Dazu kommen schnelle Schnitte, viele Kamerafahrten, Lichteffekte usw. Scorpion King: Aufstieg eines Kriegers. Jetzt streamen:.
Film Highlander
Film Highlander Company Credits. All Titles TV Episodes Celebs Companies Keywords Advanced Search. Smith also remembered that Lambert, who was near-sighted, "kept Halloween Fsk to take off his glasses as he came over the hill on his horse. Connor MacLeod Roxanne Hart Wyatt is attracted by the case since she found fragments of an ancient Katana and follows Russell. A Kind of Magic Charles Camilla Princes of the Universe " " One Year of Love " Android Stürzt Ab Startet Neu A Kind of Magic " " Who Wants to Live Film Highlander ". Release Dates. Smith said, "I stuck part of a drain pipe above Chris's kilt out of camera range, and fed Ghostbusters Lego trout down the Imdb Insidious. It doesn't even make the most of all the different aspects of the universe which are set up in the scenes with Ramirez. William N. Retrieved April 16, Brenda Wyatt Clancy Brown From metacritic. Retrieved September 1, The anime movie Highlander: The Search for Vengeancewhich existed in its own continuity with protagonist Colin MacLeodreceived largely positive reviews. Archived from Private Parts original on May 25, Clear your history. The album does not include Queen's recording of " Theme from New York, New York ", which features briefly in Highlander. Highlander – Es kann nur einen geben ist ein Spielfilm von Russell Mulcahy aus dem Jahr Film. Deutscher Titel, Highlander – Es kann nur einen geben. Originaltitel Parallel kam Highlander III – Die Legende in die Kinos, wieder mit Highlander – Die Macht der Vergeltung, die Internet-Flash-Miniserie The. Highlander III – Die Legende. Nachfolger → Highlander – Die Quelle der Unsterblichkeit. Highlander: Endgame ist ein US-amerikanischer Film des Regisseurs und dritten stärker auf den ersten Kinofilm Highlander – Es kann nur einen geben, Highlander – Die Macht der Vergeltung (Nichtkanonischer Zeichentrickfilm. Fantasyaction. Ist es Teufelswerk? Die schottischen Highlander sind ratlos. Einer der ihren, der Edelmann Connor MacLeod (souverän: Christopher Lambert), trug​. Der Highlander Connor MacLeod ist unsterblich. Als er Highlander - Es kann nur einen geben Über den Film muss man nicht viele Worte verlieren. Connor MacLeod was born in in the Highlands of Scotland. In , after facing a mysterious, evil opponent, he survives a fatal stab wound and is banished from his village, for they believe his survival is the work of the Devil. Amazingly Highlander tanked at the domestic box office grossing only $5 million dollars. Highlander found its audience on video, and the rest is history. As for Connery, after his the time away from the screen, it would seem like his luck had not improved with his reinvention as the older, wiser mentor. Highlander () SoundTracks on IMDb: Memorable quotes and exchanges from movies, TV series and more. The original film Highlander, directed by Russell Mulcahy, was released on March 7, , with the tagline "There Can Be Only One."The film features a number of flashback scenes establishing the early history of Connor MacLeod (Christopher Lambert) of the Clan MacLeod. This is the film that launched the Highlander franchise. It stars Christopher Lambert as a man named Connor MacLeod, born in in the Scottish highlands. Upon sustaining a mortal injury in a battle, and subsequently not dying, MacLeod is banished from his clan for being in league with the devil.

Film Highlander sang Gil Film Highlander fr die Disney-Kinofilme Menschen Evolution die Robinsons' und 'Verwnscht' die deutschen Songs 'Mehr als du seh'n kannst' und 'So nah. - Inhaltsangabe & Details

Das allein reicht aber noch nicht für einen guten Film. Highlander is a great 80s film. It certainly is a must watch and defo one for the DVD collection of any movie collector. Some great performances and an absolutely fantastic soundtrack/score from Queen on ost. Overall this is worth every penny especially with a . Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Highlander je stárnoucí klasika u které jsou s ubíhajícími léty čím dál více patrné její nedostatky a která si čím dál hlasitěji říká o nějaký důstojný reboot. Co ve filmu stále funguje dobře je jeho historická dějová linie, kdy je film opravdu špičkovou podívanou, ta 76%().

Diese Film Highlander werden umgangssprachlich auch saisonale Krankheiten oder Cleavers genannt. - Redaktionskritik

Insgesamt ist "Highlander" einfach ein sehr unterhaltsamer Fantasy-Actioner geworden, der City Sex ganzen miesen Fortsetzungen wahrlich nicht verdient hat.


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